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Elevate Your Skin with Aatma Skin Club

Our subscription service has been voted as one of the most generous offerings in London.

Embark on an exclusive journey with the Aatma Skin Club, a prestigious subscription strictly for 15 select customers per year only.

With an annual fee of £1740 (charged at £145 per month), you gain access to a luxurious collection of skincare treatments valued at £2955, offering an extraordinary saving of £1215.

This unparalleled offer, one of the most generous in London, is reserved exclusively for a limited circle.

Your Aatma Skin Club membership grants you:

  • Eight custom facials, including the acclaimed Fire & Ice Facial by iS Clinical, Hydration Facial by Skinceuticals or Congestion Clearing Facial by Dermalogica.

  • Two Platinum Hydrafacial Treatments for supreme skin cleansing and exfoliation.

  • The choice between anti-aging excellence with three areas of Anti-Wrinkle treatments three times a year, or six rejuvenating microneedling sessions.

  • Two full courses (4 syringes) of Profhilo for the face and/or neck, designed to deeply hydrate and revitalise.

Effects of Profhilo for the Eyes: Before & After

In addition to…

  • An exclusive 5% discount on all other treatments at Aatma.


  • A 15% discount on all medical-grade skincare purchases in-store, enhancing your skincare regime with top-tier products.

This commitment to elite skincare spans one year, with the flexibility to enjoy your chosen treatments within this period. Aatma Skin Club isn’t merely a subscription; it’s a long term investment for your skin

With a minimum sign-up period of six months, secure your spot to gain transformative skin treatments at an exceptional value.

You Get:

→ 8 x Customised Facial Treatments

→ 2 x Platinum Hydrafacial Treatments

→ 3x Areas of Anti-Wrinkle, 3x Yearly or 6x Microneedling Sessions

→ 2x Full Courses of Profhilo (4 Syringes)

→ 5% OFF other treatments & 15% OFF  medical-grade skincare

Cost – £145 per month

Total cost per year – £1740

Total value of treatments – £2955

Savings – £1215

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Q. Is there a minimum subscription period for Aatma Skin Club?

A. Your subscription to Aatma Skin Club is subject to a minimum duration of six months from the date of purchase. This commitment ensures that we can provide continuous care and optimum results for your skin health journey.

Q. Can I use my facial and Hydrafacial allowance when I want?

A. Yes! The allowance of 8 facials and 2 Platinum Hydrafacial can be used within 365 days of subscription purchase, but cannot be shared with anyone else.

Q. Is there a limit to when I can redeem anti-wrinkle, microneedling and Profhilo treatments?

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: Members may not undertake anti-wrinkle treatments more frequently than once every four months. This restriction is in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of the treatments. Your two-week review doses will still be included as usual!

Profhilo Treatments: Members are restricted from receiving Profhilo treatments more frequently than once every six months. This guideline is to guarantee the best possible outcomes and maintain treatment integrity.

Microneedling Treatments: You can have 3x microneedling sessions within a 6 month period, if you opt for a greater frequency of treatments within your allowance of 6 (i.e. You decide to use all 6 sessions in 6 months) we will charge for the extra until your allowance renews, but you will get 50% OFF of the price.

For any other queries, please contact us via our contact page. 

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