Skin Resolutions for 2022

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Many people start a new year with a view to make improvements and change certain aspects of their lifestyle. Making better choices is often what leads to a greater feeling of positivity, which benefits a person’s overall well-being.

Āatma Aesthetics encourages people in their quest for personal enhancement, and if polishing their appearance is what they seek, then we’re only too happy to help.

Looking good (and feeling great) can often start with the appearance of the skin. As people experience different concerns with their complexion, there are many ways these conditions can be approached so the appearance can be improved.

At Āatma Aesthetics there are a variety of both in-clinic and at-home treatments available, all of which are expertly recommended by Dr. Shaan himself. An in-depth consultation is carried out to kick-start the process and determine the right treatment to undergo, with a caring and compassionate team ensuring that each person receives on-going support right through their entire journey – and beyond.

Incredible skin can be easy to achieve, and in many cases all it takes is a few simple changes. And to help our patients get the clear, even and glowing complexion that many people seek, then here are some ‘skin resolutions’ that anyone can make:

Ensure a great skin care routine is in place – everyday, a person should cleanse tone and moisturise the skin, exfoliating twice a week.

Drink plenty of water – by keeping the body hydrated, the skin is also being kept hydrated, which helps it to remain bright and functioning well.

Eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of fruit and vegetables – many foods are beneficial for the health of the skin, providing nourishment to maintain its health and functioning, as well as aiding healing and repair.

Use suitable skin care products – the right products will bring out the best in anyone’s complexion. Through an in-depth skin analysis, the experts at Aatma aesthetics can suggest which products to use and how often to use them. The clinic recommends ZO Skin Health by Obagi, for amazing results.

Remove make-up at the end of the day – it’s just as important to clean the skin in the evening, as it is at the start of the day. This will help to keep the skin free from dirt and debris, ensuring that the pores do not become clogged.

Apply SPF everyday – UV rays are one of the main contributors to damaged skin, and these can penetrate the skin all year round, regardless of the season or the weather. However, it is also useful to know that UV rays are also emitted from many tech devices, including smart phones, laptops and tablets. Many people use these on a daily basis, so by applying a suitable SPF everyday it can help to protect the skin.

Of all the promises that a person can make, if it’s great skin that is desired this 2022, then Āatma Aesthetics in London is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

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