Great skin is as easy as C.E.T (Cleanse, Exfoliate and Tone)

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Cleansing, exfoliating and toning the skin are all important parts of a skincare regime – so we are told. But, why?

Regular cleansing helps to maintain a complexion that looks and feels healthy.

Everyday our skin is open to the pollutants, viruses and dirt that is carried in the air around us. This can build up on the skin’s surface and create a grimey, tired-looking layer if you don’t wash it away; along with old skin cells, oil and other debris. To cleanse the skin means your skin care products are more easily absorbed (including anti-ageing products) and hydration is boosted. This helps to prevent the development of a dry, dull and rough complexion, as well as managing the size of the pores and maintaining a youthful look.

Clear skin relies on the unblocking of the pores. By cleaning the skin, excess oil (sebum), sweat and old skin cells are removed and are therefore unable to accumulate in the follicles. Clear pores function properly and allow sebum to be released onto the skin’s surface; reducing the chance for inflammation to develop, from which spots and pimples can form.

A silky smooth surface is achieved through effective exfoliation of the skin, as it removes unwanted skin cells. Every 30 days or so the skin should use its own processes to naturally get rid of the top layer of cells and reveal a new, healthy covering. If this process does not happen efficiently (which is possible as we get older), it can lead to a dull and flaky appearance. Therefore a helping hand is often needed as we age, ensuring that we minimise blemishes, breakouts of acne, congested pores, enlarged pores, dry skin, age spots and lax skin; whilst helping to improve hydration, create an even texture and increase blood flow.

Your entire skincare routine benefits from the regular application of a toner. The main ingredient in a toner is water, with other ingredients including: acids, antioxidants, glycerin and other anti-inflammatory substances. A toner can be absorbed easily by the skin for a quick boost of hydration, as well as washing away the dirt, oil and debris that the cleanser may have missed. Your skin can often become acidic after cleansing, and as a toner is more alkaline in nature, it will help to restore a more neutral pH level. The active ingredients contained within a toner can help with the improvement of other skin concerns, especially those that may contribute to the effects of ageing.

The ideal skincare routine should include twice daily cleansing, which is followed up by the application of a toner. Exfoliating your skin is only often required twice a week, and should be undertaken using gentle circular motions. The products you use should be suitable for your individual type of skin; be it normal, oily, dry, acne-prone or sensitive. You may also find that your skin type can change with the seasons, which means that you should also look to change the products you use, according to your skin’s needs.

At Āatma Aesthetics, Dr. Shaan can tell you exactly what you need when it comes to the salvation of your skin. A thorough skin analysis can not only identify your individual skin type, but the types of products that will benefit your complexion the most. A healthy lifestyle, a regular routine and fantastic products can put your skin on the road to greatness, working to reveal a bright, clear and glowing complexion that also looks healthy and young.

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