The ‘liquid nose job’ at Āatma Aesthetics

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The liquid nose job is a non-surgical, injectable treatment that provides a temporary solution to improving the look of a misshapen nose. Also known as a non-surgical rhinoplasty or ‘15 minute nose job’, the liquid nose job is a safe, effective and popular alternative to undergoing a more invasive surgical procedure.

Until recent times, ‘fixing’ your nose often required considering surgery. Many people find this route quite daunting and take a lot of time to mull over the pro’s and con’s. Whilst the pro’s can mean an end to the look of your crooked, hooked, bumpy, large or protruding nose, the con’s can mean a lengthy, uncomfortable period of recovery. In general, most people who undergo surgery to improve the size and shape of their nose, experience 2 – 3 weeks of post-surgical discomfort, which will require you to take time off work. As the skin has been cut into and the tissue and cartilage disturbed, the nose can be very sore and bruised, which will often extend to the area beneath the eyes. This will also mean that the procedure leaves behind some scarring, albeit discreet. The body will need time to heal and repair the wound, during which time you will need to avoid strenuous activity and follow the necessary aftercare instructions that have been given to you, including keeping the area dry.

A surgical nose job provides a permanent solution to recreating a new and more aesthetically pleasing appearance of this central facial feature. However, if you are unhappy with the results, it may require further procedures in order for you to achieve the outcome you desire.

In many ways, the ‘liquid nose job’ is the preferred choice for those looking to reshape the nose. As an injectable treatment, the entire procedure is over in minutes rather than hours, meaning you don’t have to take extra time off work if you don’t want to – in fact, you could easily nip out during your lunch break. Although the nose will feel tender immediately following the treatment, this will usually have subsided within 24 hours when you can get back to your usual routine. Injections don’t usually leave behind noticeable scars, but there may be some very minor bruising, which will disappear in a few days and can be covered over in the meantime. The work of your doctor or aesthetician during a liquid nose job combines medical knowledge with aesthetic skill and artistry, applying dermal fillers to specific points in order to give the nose a more desirable form. This versatile substance can work with the natural structure of the nose, filling in any indentations, creating straighter lines and effectively acting to add volume if this is needed. But perhaps the best thing about a liquid nose job is that dermal fillers can easily be dissolved. So if for any reason you are unhappy with the results, or it didn’t quite give the look you expected (we’ve yet to experience this at Āatma Aesthetics), it can be reversed.

Following a consultation, Dr. Shaan can apply his craft and create a nose that looks straighter, sleeker and more balanced and proportionate to the rest of the facial features.

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