Treating acne

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Most of us can probably say that we have experienced spots at some point in our life; whether it’s a single pustule on the forehead, or a more wide-spread collection of pimples – which could mean you may be affected by acne.

Pus-filled spots, whiteheads and blackheads are common symptoms of acne that can affect the face, neck, shoulders and back. They are caused by the build-up of excess sebum and dead skin cells blocking the pores, with oil production being triggered by fluctuating hormone levels. Acne is a condition that is most associated with teenagers and young adults however, it can also be experienced by women who are pregnant or are going through the menopause.


Although it is not always possible to prevent acne altogether, there are steps you can take to lessen its appearance and reduce the severity of breakouts:


  • MAINTAIN A SUITABLE SKINCARE REGIMEN – People who naturally have an oily complexion can be more prone to developing spots. Knowing your skin type can help you to combine the right skincare routine with the most suitable products to use, so that an overproduction of sebum does not clog the pores and cause the spots to form. Washing your face properly (at least twice a day) helps to remove the normal levels of dirt and oil that accumulate on the surface of the skin everyday – warm water and an alcohol-free cleanser can benefit sensitive and acne prone skin. Applying a moisturiser will help to keep the skin hydrated. Allowing the skin to dry out can kick-start the sebaceous glands, often leading to an overproduction of sebum and the development of oily skin. Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturisers are often best.


  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – Keeping the body hydrated is beneficial for many reasons, with ensuring moist and supple skin being one of them. As well as dry skin prompting the glands to produce more oil, it can also give your skin a dull appearance that is vulnerable to redness and inflammation.


  • AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE – The hands can pick up dirt and bacteria throughout the day, which can transfer to your face when you touch it. Any impurities can then get into your pores and mix with the oil and skin cells that lie on the surface. For those who are affected by spots, picking and squeezing them can exacerbate the condition. Not only does it aid the spread of the inflammation, but can also mean that dirt or bacteria on your hands gets into the pores and can lead to infection.


  • CONSIDER YOUR LIFESTYLE – A balanced, healthy diet helps to keep your insides in good condition and your body functioning well. The benefits of a well nourished body can show on the outside and help to keep the skin looking and feeling great. The foods we eat can often be a trigger for an outbreak of acne. Foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar, such as: crisps, cakes and sugary drinks can raise the levels of sugar in the blood, which leads to inflammation on the skin.

Stress can also help to increase blood sugar, as well as producing the hormone that encourages the production of oil.

  • VISIT AATMA AESTHETICS – Severe acne may require medication to help reduce its appearance. However for mild and moderate symptoms, and to help keep breakouts to a minimum, a consultation with Dr. Shaan could provide the results you need. Āatma Aesthetics advocates the benefits of a healthy lifestyle combined with a good skincare routine. The clinic, at Harley Street in London, houses ZO Skin Health products. Their complexion clearing program contains an exfoliating cleanser, an exfoliating polish, complexion renewal pads and a complexion clearing masque. Regular use helps to rid the skin’s surface of redundant skin cells and encourage the production of healthy new ones. The production of oil and sebum is slowed down and inflamed skin is calmed and soothed. The results can achieve clearer skin that is healthier, tighter and smoother.

Visiting Āatma Aesthetics this May could make spring 2021 your time to shine. Book a consultation today and prepare to say goodbye to acne and hello to clearer, brighter skin.

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