Treating Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation is a common concern that appears on the skin as small darkened patches. Sun spots are a common example of this harmless condition, which is often associated with the ageing process, hence the alternative name – age spots. The face, hands, neck and shoulders are places on the body where hyperpigmentation can occur, which is largely down to the reason that these areas receive more frequent exposure to the sun.

UV rays can be harmful to the skin as when they are absorbed into the deeper layers, they can damage the cells. Melanin is naturally produced by the skin in response to sun exposure, with its main function being to protect the skin. As the skin’s pigment, melanin is responsible for your natural colouring, so more melanin in your skin means you have a darker tone. Producing extra melanin will be the reason why you get a tan in the summer, with an excessive amount in places of cellular damage, causing isolated patches of darkened skin – known as hyperpigmentation.

The best way to protect your skin from the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays – cellular damage and the overproduction of melanin – is to ensure a daily application of SPF (30 or more is recommended). However, if your skin has already started to develop hyperpigmentation, aesthetic clinics such as Āatma Aesthetics, can often provide an effective solution for you.

Āatma Aesthetics actively promotes the benefits of an appropriate and regular skincare regimen. Advocates of the ZO Skin Health range of products, Āatma Aesthetics shares the principals that ZO stand by, whereby prevention is key. ZO’s smart sun protection provides a broad spectrum of prevention, creating a barrier that stops the skin from absorbing harmful amounts of UVA, UVB and HEV light – and triggering an overproduction of melanin.

Dr. Shaan can advise you on the best products to help ‘get skin ready’; treating any imperfections with their ‘protect and correct’ protocol. Depending on your personal concerns and your individual skin type, ZO Skin Health’s range of serums and creams can help to cleanse, tone and exfoliate your way to clearer and brighter skin. Maintaining a youthful and radiant look can be achieved when the active ingredients contained within their products help to restore and regenerate a healthy inner structure and erase the look of a tired texture and tone.

So this May, why not let your skin spring into life and prepare to greet summer with a clear and vibrant tone.

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