Hair Loss: Dermastamp & Advanced Growth Factors

Revitalise Your Scalp, Reclaim Your Confidence.

Unveiling a groundbreaking solution to hair loss: Dermastamp microneedling device with Advanced Hair Complex+. Dive into the synergy of advanced microneedling techniques combined with the revitalising powers of a patented Growth Factor formula.

Understanding Dermastamp:

Dermastamp is a state-of-the-art, medical-grade microneedling machine. Utilising a specialised hand-held stamp device with tiny needles at a specific depth, Dermastamp is engineered to penetrate the scalp precisely. This process creates micro-injuries, invoking the skin’s natural self-healing mechanism, promoting the creation of new collagen, vital for restoring damaged skin tissues and rejuvenating dormant hair follicles.

The Power of Advanced Hair Complex+:

Advanced Hair Complex+ was meticulously crafted to address the root causes of hair loss and suboptimal hair quality. With AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula at its core, this solution combats the complexities of hair degradation in a multi-faceted approach:

  • Rooted in Science: Advanced Hair Complex+ works diligently to condition the scalp, revitalising the stem cells lining each hair follicle, returning them to their former health.
  • Ageing vs. Growth: As time advances, hair follicles can deteriorate, hindering growth. This potent formula offers the necessary support, encouraging the stem cells towards regrowth. Furthermore, it amplifies the circulation of select growth factor proteins intrinsic to healthy hair follicles, ensuring sustained growth and superior quality.
  • Comprehensive Benefits:
    • Preventing hair loss
    • Rejuvenating weakened hair follicles
    • Enhancing hair quality and texture
    • Restoring the rhythm of healthy hair growth cycles
    • Amplifying circulation and nourishment to both the scalp and its hair follicles

Why Choose This Dynamic Duo?

Harmonious Blend: The combination of Dermastamp’s precision with the prowess of Advanced Hair Complex+ brings forth a rejuvenation experience unparalleled in the realm of hair care. Dermastamp can deliver the Advance Hair Complex+ solution into the scalp with deeper penetration and absorption of the product.

Invest in Yourself:

Hair speaks volumes about one’s identity. Don’t let hair loss dictate your narrative. With Dermastamp and Advanced Hair Complex+ by AQ Skin Solutions.

Hair Loss: Dermastamp & Advanced Growth Factors

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Dermastamp with Advanced Hair Complex+ is a cutting-edge hair rejuvenation treatment that combines the precise microneedling technique of Dermastamp with AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula, Advanced Hair Complex+. This synergy aims to address the root causes of hair loss and improve overall hair quality. The dermastamp vastly improved the deliverability and absorption of the solution to the scalp.

The Dermastamp device creates micro-injuries in the scalp, promoting the skin’s self-healing mechanism and optimising the absorption of the Advanced Hair Complex+ serum. This serum conditions the scalp, revitalises the stem cells lining each hair follicle, and increases circulation of select growth factor proteins, leading to healthier hair growth and improved hair quality.

The Dermastamp procedure involves creating micro-channels in the scalp. While it might sound daunting, the procedure is typically well-tolerated by patients. Any discomfort can often be minimised with the application of a topical anesthetic prior to treatment.

Results can vary from person to person based on individual factors like age, overall health, and the extent of hair loss. Typically, patients start to notice improvements in hair quality and growth within a few weeks, with more significant results observable after a few months of regular treatments.

The initial treatment course consists of 5 sessions delivered 1-2 weekly.


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