HarmonyCa™ | Hybrid Dermal Filler

Experience the Unique HArmonyCa™ at Aatma Aesthetics


What sets HArmonyCa™ apart from other treatments?

HArmonyCa™, available at Aatma Aesthetics in the iconic O2 Arena and our Mayfair clinic, is a premier bio-stimulator. It promotes the skin’s natural ability to regenerate volume. Instantly elevate your skin with its cross-linked HA, which effectively diminishes lines and wrinkles. Over time, the CaHa element boosts collagen formation, enhancing skin structure, firmness, and radiance. Benefit from an immediate facelift and progressive skin improvement with HArmonyCa™.

Experience painless beauty

HArmonyCa™ incorporates lidocaine, ensuring a comfortable session, resulting in luminous skin. Ideal for those looking to counter the ageing process, this treatment offers lasting enhancements to facial lines and proportions.

Dive into HArmonyCa’s Origin by Allergan

Ever wondered about the name HArmonyCa™? At Aatma Aesthetics, we love the ingenuity behind it. “HA” signifies hyaluronic acid, a cornerstone ingredient, while “Ca” stands for calcium, representing calcium hydroxyapatite. This amalgamation by Allergan epitomizes balance and harmony, echoing in its brand name, HArmonyCa™. Beyond being memorable, it symbolizes the product’s unique benefits.

Witness Instant Transformation with HArmonyCa™

Choose HArmonyCa™ at Aatma Aesthetics, and revel in immediate post-treatment results. The hyaluronic acid ensures swift facial rejuvenation, smoothing wrinkles, and imparting a youthful glow. Meanwhile, as collagen production is stimulated by calcium hydroxyapatite, your skin’s texture improves progressively. This subtle transformation ensures no overt signs of a dermal filler, only compliments on your rejuvenated look.

HArmonyCa™ at Aatma Aesthetics: Key Highlights

– Bio-stimulating features that promote skin collagen production
– Dual-action results: immediate and evolving, for a naturally refined appearance
– Lidocaine infused for a seamless, pain-free session
– Over 91% of patrons observed noticeable facial enhancement
– 82%+ clientele opted for subsequent sessions
– Results have durability, extending up to 2 years based on individual variance and treatment scope

Ready for transformation? Schedule your HArmonyCa™ session at Aatma Aesthetics, O2 Arena or Mayfair today.

HarmonyCa™ | Hybrid Dermal Filler

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Frequently asked questions

HArmonyCa™ is a unique dermal filler, combining hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (Ca) to rejuvenate and restore facial skin and tissue structures.

HArmonyCa™ stands out due to its dual-action approach. The hyaluronic acid offers immediate skin elevation, reducing lines, while the calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates prolonged collagen production, enhancing skin structure.

No, HArmonyCa™ contains lidocaine, an anaesthetic, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free treatment experience at Aatma Aesthetics.

You’ll notice immediate improvements post-treatment, thanks to the hyaluronic acid. Additionally, as the collagen production is boosted over time, you’ll observe enhanced skin firmness and radiance.

While results vary based on individual factors, many clients experience benefits extending up to 2 years post-treatment.

Absolutely! HArmonyCa™ is suitable for anyone looking to counter signs of ageing and enhance facial skin quality.


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